WESTON® 705 – An Ideal Solution for Wellness Brands in Worldwide Commercial Trials

Following further FDA approvals in July, the first resins with WESTON® 705-inside are now in commercial production trials worldwide

Danbury, Conn(September 23, 2015) - On the heels of gaining further FDA approvals for Addivant’s™ WESTON® 705 liquid phosphite antioxidant, global polymer producers have accelerated their commercial production trials to take advantage of WESTON® 705’s superior performance in protecting the polymer during its total plastic life cycle and its clean bill of health from food safety regulatory authorities worldwide. With wellness and healthy food trends driving most of the growth in the food industry, the packaging industry is placing a new level of scrutiny on the regulatory approvals of the different materials used to produce plastic articles. Large global Consumer Packaged Goods companies, who have moved away from nonylphenol-based additives, are now looking to the changing world of global food contact regulations where new and more stringent testing requirements have been introduced.

WESTON® 705 is the first nonylphenol-free liquid phosphite antioxidant to receive broad FDA and global food contact approval and today it is the most tested polymer antioxidant ever put on the market and the only one that has successfully passed these new higher standards.

“We are very excited with WESTON® 705’s progress globally in commercial production trials,” said Peter Smith, President of Commercial Operations. “The market is responding to greater consumer demands for packaging materials that are tested to meet both today’s FDA and global standards and support the trends to healthier foods. Our resin partners are very aware of the attention and investment that we have placed into the toxicological testing and certification of WESTON® 705 and are now looking to benefit from an advanced technology that was specifically designed to meet the needs of the polyethylene film industry.” Smith further stated: “We expect to see polyethylene resins with the WESTON® 705-inside to be launched in to the market in very near future.”

To expedite commercial production trials, Addivant has engineered WESTON® 705 to enable optimal resin processing allowing for higher extrusion output and reduced down times. The higher performance of WESTON® 705 also helps to better protect the polymer against degradation caused by heat and exposure to the atmosphere improving the optical performance and reducing the generation of gels in the finished plastic articles well-known problems in the packaging industry.


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