Oxsoft TOTM ST: New stabilized plasticizer from Oxea

Oberhausen, Germany, July 24, 2014 – Oxea introduces stabilized TOTM (trioctyl trimellitate or tri-2-ethylhexyl trimellitate) under the brand name Oxsoft TOTM ST into its comprehensive range of phthalate-free plasticizers. The new product is launched to address specific performance requirements in application areas where extreme low volatility is required.

Oxsoft TOTM ST is stabilized with Lowinox CA22, a high performance specialty antioxidant from Addivant’s specialty antioxidant portfolio. Compared to conventional antioxidants being used in the plasticizer industry, Lowinox CA22 enables more efficient stabilization, provides superior color stability and has better compatibility with the PVC compound. 

With the addition of the stabilizer, Oxsoft TOTM ST provides even more robust extraction resistance, sustains color quality throughout a longer lifecycle, and provides additional thermal stability during the manufacturing process. The suggested application areas for Oxsoft TOTM ST are cables, wires and coated fabrics manufacturing. Oxsoft TOTM ST is already available in commercial quantities and shipping to customers has commenced. More information about Oxsoft TOTM ST is available at www.phthalate-free-plasticizers.com.

“The TOTM market has demonstrated a strong growth in a variety of applications. With the new stabilized variant, Oxea is able to further support the specific requirements of our TOTM customers,” explained Jacco de Haas, Global Marketing Manager for Specialty Esters at Oxea.  

“To enable Oxea’s further growth in the plasticizer market, Addivant provides a differentiated technical solution and support to optimize the performance of Oxea’s plasticizer solution,” stated Dr. Siren Tan, Application Development Project Leader at Addivant.


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