BASEL, SWITZERLAND (September 19, 2016) – Leading polymer additives supplier, Addivant™ will greet K 2016 visitors at Hall 6 Booth E24 and introduce a comprehensive range of innovations aimed at a large range of applications  such as high‐voltage wire and cable, impact modification for automotive, food packaging, and low fog PUR foam. The new products are designed to meet the polymer industry’s quest for enhanced productivity and performance, lower costs, and regulatory compliance in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment.

Addivant’s goal is to be the world’s fastest innovator and most reliable solution provider to the polymer and rubber markets. “We have more than tripled our Vitality Index (sales of new products) and filed twice as many patents over the last 3 years, bringing new solutions to critical high‐end applications that demand new performance” stated John Steitz, President and CEO of Addivant.

For the wire and cable industry, Addivant will highlight three “Solutions to Breakthrough”:  LOWINOX® FAST XL which improves productivity and reliability for cross‐linked polyethylene power cables and two new POLYBOND® coupling agents enabling HFFR (Zero Halogen) cable producers to achieve excellent mechanical properties sustainably. The transportation segment is another innovation‐driven segment, where changes in fuel standards, urban consumer expectations and new technology are transforming the requirements for plastics and rubber. Addivant will showcase new stabilization solutions for PUR foam which enable compliance with new car interior emission standards, and new ROYALTUF® nylon impact modifiers which provide super toughness for automotive interior and under the hood applications.Addivant will also showcase new formulated solutions, such as the ULTRANOX® 800 series, which enhance polypropylene converters production efficiency and recycling capability driving immediate profitability gains.

Visitors will also learn about Addivant’s commitment to sustainability and reliability. WESTON® 705 is rapidly becoming the industry phosphite antioxidant standard for polyolefins and rubber. Backed with food contact approvals in over 50 countries and thoroughly tested, it enables greater sustainability and performance for the entire packaging industry. Serge Rogasik, VP & General Manager added, “As promised to our customers, Addivant continues to invest significantly to ensure maximum reliability and supply security. Over the last 3 years, we have increased our pace of investment in assets and regulatory on average by 40% every year”.

Recent investments include the tripling of capacity for WESTON® 705 at Morgantown, WV, USA; expansion of specialty additives in Catenoy, France and capacity expansions at our joint ventures in the Middle East & South Korea. Besides assets, Addivant is making significant investments in global regulatory compliance and is committed to ensure that under generally increasing governmental regulatory scrutiny, all the solutions commercialized are compliant with the national legislations, including REACH, providing customers the peace of mind required in an increasingly complex world.

Products presented at K 2016 will include new solutions from our advantaged platforms which are the industry’s broadest portfolio of specialty antioxidant solutions: ANOX® and LOWINOX® phenolic antioxidants; ALKANOX®, WESTON® and ULTRANOX® phosphite antioxidants; OCTAMINE® and NAUGARD® amines; NAUGARD® thioesters; ANOX® and NDB® blends; LOWILITE® light stabilizers; but also POLYBOND® and ROYALTUF® polymer modifiers; NAUGARD® polymerization inhibitors; and NAUGARD® rubber chemicals and intermediates.


About Addivant
Addivant™ is an innovator in the field of polymer additives, developing customized solutions that provide customers enhanced application performance, safe handling, and reduction in cost of use. The company is recognized industry‐wide for its extensive portfolio of specialty additives including antioxidants, light stabilizers, rubber additives, polymer modifiers, metal deactivators, polymerization inhibitors and intermediates. Addivant is an international company, with 11 plants on five continents, as well as research, manufacturing and sales facilities around the globe. Addivant maintains its global headquarters in Connecticut, USA with regional headquarters in: Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, Basel, Switzerland, and Shanghai, China. Addivant is an independent portfolio company of SK Capital. Visit for more information.

About SK Capital
SK Capital is a private investment firm with a disciplined focus on the specialty materials, chemicals and healthcare sectors. The firm’s purpose is to build strong and growing businesses that create substantial long‐term economic value. SK utilizes its industry, operating and investment experience to identify opportunities to transform businesses into higher performing organizations with improved strategic positioning, growth and profitability as well as lower operating risk. SK Capital’s portfolio companies generate revenues of approximately $8 billion annually and employ approximately 9,000 people. The firm currently manages more than $1.5 billion of committed capital. Visit for more information.


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