Addivant™ Weston® 705 Earns FDA Food Contact Approval

Addivant™, a global leader in polymer additive technologies, has announced that WESTON®  705 liquid antioxidant, the next generation of nonylphenol-free phosphite technology, has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for  food  contact  applications.  Extensively  researched  and  supported  with  comprehensive toxicology  testing,  WESTON®   705  antioxidant  provides  superior  safety  as  well  as  enhanced polymer performance and higher processing productivity vs. conventional solid phosphites. The product  delivers  major  benefits  across  the  entire  value  chain,  from  resin  producers  and converters to retailers and consumers.  
Further,  Addivant’s  WESTON®  705  antioxidant  is  produced  in  multiple  facilities  worldwide ensuring security of supply for customers around the globe. 

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