Addivant™ to Highlight Polymer Additives Innovations and Investment at NPE2018 in Orlando

Danbury, Connecticut (May 1, 2018) - Leading polymer additives supplier Addivant will showcase its latest polymer additive innovations, expanded customer technical support, and investment strategy at the upcoming NPE2018 May 7-11 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida (Booth #S12205).

Since 2010, more than $130 billion of new investment in chemical manufacturing capacity has been announced on the back of the shale gas development in the U.S., leading to an expected tripling of plastic resin exports between 2014 and 2030. To satisfy the robust regional growth, Addivant as the leading local producer of specialty additives for the U.S. plastics industry, is well positioned to support the industry ensuring supply security and developing breakthrough solutions.

“As promised to our customers, Addivant continues to make sizable investments to ensure secure supply,” said John Steitz, President and CEO of Addivant. “Our manufacturing roots are in the U.S., so we continue to invest to ensure that we meet our customers growing demand for our products, as they continue to expand their resin and compounding capacities.”

To maximize supply security and reliability for customers, the company is expected to announce capacity expansions within the next six months which will boost supply. Last summer, Addivant more than tripled its capacity for WESTON® 705 nonylphenol-free antioxidant at the Morgantown, West Virginia manufacturing facility. Over the last three years, Addivant has increased its pace of investment in assets and regulatory on average by 40% every year, according to Steitz.

Among the key highlights at NPE2018 are new innovative stabilization solutions, such as next-generation, ultra-low emissive anti-scorch antioxidants for polyurethane (PUR) foams. NAUGARD® FOAMPLUS LE solutions enable compliance with the most stringent vehicle indoor air quality (VIAQ) standards being implemented globally.

Addivant will also provide an update on its breakthrough nonylphenol-free stabilizer WESTON® 705, which is becoming the industry standard for polyethylene (PE) food packaging and allows PE resin producers to comply with China’s new GB9685-2016 food-contact law.

WESTON® 705 has secured final approval for food contact in China, making it the most broadly approved and thoroughly tested high-performance antioxidant, with approvals in use for over 180 countries worldwide. A new generation of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) packaging based on WESTON® 705 has successfully hit consumer shelves, bringing a new level of safety, performance, and efficiency in food packaging across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Addivant will also discuss new technical capabilities for its ANOX® NDB® non-dust solutions. The company will offer expanded customer services for its ANOX® NDB® blend solutions which offer the best homogeneity in the industry, providing consistent composition thus enabling lower dosage levels and reduced costs for customers.

Along with the focus on automotive and food packaging, Addivant will highlight a range of next-generation solutions for advanced applications in wire and cable, building and construction, and recycling.

Addivant provides solutions from advantaged platforms which are the industry’s broadest portfolio of specialty antioxidant solutions: ANOX® and LOWINOX® phenolic antioxidants; ALKANOX®, WESTON® and ULTRANOX® phosphite antioxidants; OCTAMINE® and NAUGARD® amines; NAUGARD® thioesters; ANOX® and NDB® blends; LOWILITE® light stabilizers; but also POLYBOND® and ROYALTUF® polymer modifiers; NAUGARD® polymerization inhibitors; and NAUGARD® rubber chemicals and intermediates.

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